what is triathlon

Triathlon is a sport (my favourite one).
In a triathlon you have to swim, cycle and run.
There are two transitions between each leg:
  • T1 between swim and cycling
  • T2 between cycling and running
Triathlon starts with a swimming leg in the sea or in a lake (eventually in a swimming pool).
After swimming you have to reach your bike in the transition area. Put the shoes, put the helmet,  grab your bike and start cycling the second leg.
After riding you enter the transition area again. Leave the bike. Change your shoes. Start running. Don’t forget to leave your helmet. Everybody laughts if your run with it.
Triathlon main race distances are:
  • Sprint (750m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run). Time to complete is less than 1 hour for Elite athletes.
  • Olympic (doubles sprint distances)
  • Ironman (swim of 2.4 miles (3.9 km), a bike ride of 112 miles (180 km), and a full marathon run of 26.219 miles (42.195 km). Elite professional can do this in less than 8 hours. 17 hours is the time limit. The speaker say “You are an ironman” if you take less. For ordinary people it’s a challenge to stay within.
  • Half-ironman. You can guess.
Triathlon hystory is quite recent:
  • 1st event in 1974 in San Diego California
  • First Ironman in Kona (Hawaii) was held in 1978.
  • Olympic games were in  2000 Sidney (debut), 2004 Athens, 2008 Bejing, 2012 London
  • The english Alistar Brownlee is the favourite to won the London olympic race.
Triathlon is quite popular in Usa, Australia and Canada. It’s becoming popular in Europe too.
Triathlon PROS:
  • You can’t annoy yourself. If you train for swim you get bored soon. Running is the same story. Perhaps cycling is more funny (you can visit different places and meet people) but Triathlon training is various. You need skills, strenght, endurance, mind attitude, …
  • You don’t stress a specific part of your body. Health is not an issue. You will have at least 5 workouts in a week but each one is different.
  • Great for socializing. Your friends are thriathletes but also swimmers, runners, cyclist are part of the family.
  • Athletes of all ages are welcome.
Triathlon CONS:
  • Many difficulties to stay on a limited budget.To train and race you need a lot of stuff. Bike, bike shoes, helmet, wetsuit (if water is cold), googles, running shoes, specific clothing for each season, …
  • You need to pay for a swimming pool fee.
  • Races often are far from home.
  • You need at least 5 workout in a week so time scheduling is an issue if you have a family, friends, job, …

Ermes Campania Triathlon is a triathlon/cycling team based in Torre del Greco Napoli Italy just in case you would like to join us.